THINKOFTHEFUTURE is being set up to initiate a string of outreach and open innovation projects and is being spun out of, which is now focusing on more commercial activities.

The aim is for to grow a network of supporters who collectively take control, so that it eventually becomes an autonomous entity run on either a charitable or social enterprise basis, with the simple but ambitious vision of helping to make the world better for all.

There are a large number of initiatives in the pipeline for Some will involve opinion leaders and experts openly exploring various issues. Others will seek to engage members of the public from all cultures and walks of life.

Futurist areas to be covered include open innovation, back-casting, and visioning.


Past open projects: was prepared for the 2008 London Festival of Architecture. It remains as an on-line exhibition of thermal imagery from around London. Its output inspired numerous TV programs and research studies,  and has found its way into museums, text books, websites and newspapers from around the world.

‘1 City Many People’ was an exhibition at London’s City Hall with an associated web site still up at The project had a major impact on how disabled access was perceived by policy makers and architects in London and led directly to the installation of a disabled access lift at Tower Bridge in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Past  outreach projects were handled by


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Future more serious projects include:

A collective study on integrated reporting and how its uptake can be improved, so as to enhance the environmental, social and governance performance of companies.

A collective study on energy policy and planning, looking in particular at how big data can be deployed to improve investments in smart grid and renewable energy, and also at how carbon capture and storage technologies, may or may not  develop.

Thermal image of a zoo-keeper holding a tarantula The  better access team at the City Hall exhibition with the Deputy Mayor of London

Either as an individual or an organisation you could help shape this exciting and rewarding initiative, To find out more, please use the contact form, Thank you.